Ondeom Anti-Radiation EMF Protection device Features

G6 Ondeom EMF Patch New Generation


Ondeom is an Anti-Radiation EMF Protection device, it isn’t a simple «Shield protector», but it’s an EMF Neutralizer at the cutting edge of Technology and its effectiveness is scientifically proven.

You’re looking for the Best Anti Radiation Protector Device?

With the Ondeom, you stay safe wherever you are…

Your “Patch compensator Ondeom” has a life of at least 10 years… It conforms to the principle of precaution in mobile telephony and electromagnetic devices:

It harmonizes and strengthens the bio-energy balance of your body, allowing you to better coexist with all the waves passing through us all the time… For a better quality of life, we advise you to equip your devices today!

The Ondeom is not a simple Shield as we see a many…its technology is totally different.

The Ondeom is comprised of electronic micro-antennas anti-wave effect, which capture the polluting waves of all “wireless” devices and which dephase by means of “Antidote-Waves at 180°” technology.

When the Ondeom protection is applied to the back of the cell phone, we are clearly seeing a decrease in the Biological impact. Ear and brain are protected from the microwave heating (The thermal effect is measurable and clearly revealed by the thermal camera).

New Patented cutting edge Technology!

The Ondeom is not a protection by alleged shielding of the radiations, nor an ordinary product using an outdated technology. Its new multi-harmonic phase shifts Technology really takes into account the biological aspect of our physical body. The vibration compensation it offers is unique. This new Technology brings a decrease in your overall level of stress, due to the “Antidote waves” it provides. You become more Zen! …

Biological Effectiveness Scientifically proven:

The positive effects of Ondeom are not solely measured only on “physical” data. They have also been measured “biologically” through the human body by means of several biofeedback devices.

Sexy, slender size! Its extreme fineness will please you!

This avoids having a too big system stuck behind your smartphone when you put it on a table… Measurements: 0.905 inch in diameter to 0.019 inch thick!! We have managed to push the miniaturization to an even higher level.

Virtually unlimited Lifetime!The Ondeom works for life!

(as long as the antennas remain intact). Unlike most other competing products on the market, which must be replaced by a new product every year when the device becomes exhausted… And you never know when they are going to stop working… With the Ondeom, however, your peace of mind is assured. You can count on its efficiency in time…

Economical! Best quality/price:

In addition to its very reasonable price in relation to its high technology, its very long life eliminates the need for replacement every year. It is therefore a sustainable procurement that will serve you for a long time…

It’s very Simple : Ondeom is « Universal » : only 1 model for all the devices:

The Ondeom is one size, regardless of the device to be equipped. Which gives you protection from the impact of radiation from your cell phone but also computers (desktop or laptop), Cordless Phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wii, TV, Clock Radio, GPS, Internet Box, Bluetooth, baby monitoring Intercom systems…

Only 1 Ondeom by Device: No need to buy 2, 3 or 4 Patches to equip one big device, like with severals another Technologies on the market:

Its Technology has the power to act on all your devices, regardless of their size… From an iPod to a desktop computer or a big screen TV! (Our Advanced Technology eliminates the need to equip you with a range of patches of different sizes and therefore expensive patches)…

How to use it?

It’s very simple, the Ondeom is self-adhesive, then just remove the backing and stick it on the back of all devices emitting electromagnetic waves. That’s all! It’s that simple.

Put it on : Cell phone, Smartphones (iPhone, Samsung, HTC, SG, Sony, Oppo…), Cordless phones, Bluetooth, Box WiFi Internet, Laptops, Computers, iPad, GPS, Wii game console, TV, baby monitoring Intercom systems…


  • Patented Advanced Technology, and forefront Research…
  • It has been scientifically measured by multiple laboratories, and its action has also been proven on the human body. See the effects felt in the testimonials of users on the website.
  • Lifetime: 10 years or more. The Ondeom remains effective as long as it is not damaged !
  • French Technology – Made in FRANCE in quality assurance AFQ-ISO 9001 certified UL-USA
  • Hyper miniaturized: Diameter: 0.905 inch – Thickness: 0.019 inch – Weight: 0.007 Oz


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