Q: Is this a cover or a patch? Can I use it with a cell phone cover for my iphone?

A: The Ondeom Anti-Radiation EMF Protector is a Neutralizer Patch that one sticks to the back of the wireless devices. For a mobile phone, you can paste it on the phone (its thickness is very thin) and cover it with your case (Test the thickness before stick it). Or you can put it on your case. As you prefer.

Technically, microwaves pass through the concrete, so if you are wondering if the effectiveness of the Ondeom Neutralizer Patch will be affected by the thickness of a plastic iPhone Case, the answer is: not at all. So yes, you can use it with a phone cover as do most people.

Q: Can I leave the adhesive backing on the sticker and just use a piece of tape to attach the sticker to the back of my phone? Because I do plan to change phones sometime this year.

A: Yes you can switch the Ondeom from one phone to another, or to any Wireless Devices. But in this case, you don’t use the Ondeom’s adhesive sticker (who is very strong), just use a piece of tape to attach the sticker to the back of your device.

Microwaves pass through the concrete, the walls and the steel, so the effectiveness of the Ondeom Neutralizer Patch won’t be affected by the thickness of the adhesive backing on the sticker.This EMF absorber Protection device works perfectly like that too. The efficiency still exactly the same. No matter how it is attached to the wireless device to neutralize it. It just needs to be around your device for neutralizing the microwaves Radiations

Q: I have a EMF Detector, the TriField Meter Model 100XE which is great for testing magnetic, electric & radio/microwaves. Phones are pretty much in the high red zone when in use, meaning when you’re on a call. It made no difference at all placing the Ondeom sticker on it. Can you Explain me why?

A: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain this.

15 years ago, at the beginning of my research, I was surprised, like you, to see that EMF detector is not sufficient to demonstrate the effectiveness of some Anti radiation technologies. The measure does not change with the EMF Neutralizer, so I thought that was the protector does not really works…

But then I learned that a simple EMF Detector Device (even a sophisticated model) can not measure some EMF compensation Technologies, it is not so simple…

You have to go one level further.The inventor explained that the wave is only compensated on one of the 2 phase of the wave, so the mobile phone can continue to operate while protecting the person at the biological level (thanks to the second phase which is phase shift)

The Ondeom is not a shield that deflects microwave… Its technology is more advanced and more complex. It compensates the radiation only on one of the 2 phase of the wave… Like that you stay safe, wherever you are, around your phone.And for really be able to measure it, we must use a two channels oscilloscope. And indeed with a two-channel oscilloscope, the phase shift becomes “visible” and measurable.

Since then, other tests were done and confirmed the positive and protective action of Ondeom on the body: Blood Test, Test Thermal Camera (see images on our Amazon page)The Ondeom received 3 scientific awards decorations to international invention fairs in Europe.All positive testimonies of experienced customers, are also there to confirm it.17 years ago I thought like you. Now I know…

It is normal to think that an EMF detector, like the beautiful Trifield Meter Model 100XE can measure everything but the reality is more complex than that, with a neutralization technology trendsetter that we use in the Ondeom protector.An EMF detector can detect only the presence but not the “quality” of these waves. (compensated phase). It is not designed for this.