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Awesome EMF Protection!

I stuck it on the back of my iPhone. Very easy to install. I think it’s a great product because it’s still active even after 10 years! Set and forget. I had bought another EMF protector before but with this one I don’t fell the warmth in my ear area anymore… I like it. I’m going to buy 3 more for my iPad and my Wifi router


December 2019

A Worthy investment:

I think this product is great & definitely worth the investment given all the data coming out regarding the dangers of electromagnetic radiation & potential negative effects it can have on our health. That being said I know there are less expensive options on the market but I don’t know if they are less effective or not. I had a similar thing prior to this that was less expensive BUT came with waaaay less information & seemed a little more flimsy. They provided a guarantee & information to backup the claims I gave it 5 stars


December 2019

Simply must have on all electronic devices!

I was more than thrilled. Its been a few days since i started using it and i noticed that my phone doesn’t get hot anymore whenever i have to use it for hours. I love love love this product and i believe this is at least some way we can protect our selves from the radiation that we are exposed to these days


December 2019

Simply must have on all electronic devices!

I Great for iPhones! I’ve heard about the amount of harmful radiation that comes out of all electronics. This was a disturbing realization for myself and my family. I’m so glad they’ve invented helpful devices such as this one. I placed mine on the back of my iPhone. Its so thin you can place it virtually anywhere. Once you place it it’s nearly impossible to replace due to its stickiness. Definitely won’t fall off anytime soon. I would definitely recommend it


December 2019

Smart phones, tablets…

I’ve realized my phone does not get hot anymore when I use it now which it use to get hot a lot


December 2019

Seems to be working: I honestly didn’t know that something like this existed…

For this particular product it can be used for any electronic device. In this case, I used it for my Samsung Note 3 since I am always using it, like 24/7. Seems to be helpful since I have been using it for a few days. I just stuck it on the back of my phone and since I have done that, I’ve notice less heat coming from my phone. So I guess that means it working so far. If it does continue to work like it does, I will definitely be purchasing more for all my electronic devices that I have in my household!


December 2019


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